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One of the crucial priorities for the North Lynden WID is to alleviate the damage storm waters have on farms.   Periodic flooding in the Fishtrap Creek area, primarily caused by stormwater coming out of BC, is a high priority of the North Lynden WID.   Ensuring that ditches are maintained to handle flood waters and maximize drainage after flood events is a means to address this priority.   


Aerial view of 2009 flood
North from Lynden 2009 Flood
flood aerial edited -89.jpg

2022 Action List

1.  Continue water quality monitoring - work with the county on the           PIC program - include BC and Lynden in these efforts.

2. Connect with BC farmers, landowners, and agencies regarding          water quality.

3. Cooperate with County Public Works on Ditch maintenance -              demonstrate difference in water quality sampling improvement.

4. Continue contacts with neighbors regarding practices - request          that ERTS complaints be routed to the NLWI - strive to be the first      point of contact.

5. Spray ditches annually for Reed Canary Grass

6. Make use of 5 year permit for drainage maintenance. Identify              drainage projects in Spring.  Find funding and complete mitigation     for projects.

7. Work on Culvert repair and replacement.

8. Communicate with landowners through WFF newsletters and              posts.

9. Support AWB’s alternatives to adjudication.  Assist landowners in        preparing for a water right adjudication – develop legal strategy

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